• Forbes Marshall Water Level Control Valve

Forbes Marshall Water Level Control Valve

Brand: Forbes Marshall
  • Size: 40NB, 50NB, 80NB, 100NB, 150NB
  • Rating: ANSI 300, ANSI 600, ANSI 900
  • Flange Standards: Flanged- RF
  • Plug Characteristic: Linear, Equal Percentage
  • Leakage Class: IV (0-200 deg C)
  • Body Material: A216 WCB
  • Top MOC: A216 WCB
  • Trim Material: SS316
  • Gasket: Graphite
  • Packing: Graphite
  • Sealing: EPDM



  1. ​Used in conjunction with level transmitters, the Forbes Marshall boiler water level control valve modulates the amount of water that enters the boiler.

Actuator Features: 

  1. ​Actuator Type: Diaphragm Pneumatic Actuator 
  2. Actuator Action: Air To Close/ Air to Open 
  3. Failure Position: Failed to Open/ Failed to Close

Positioner Features: 

  1. ​Make: Forbes Marshall 
  2. Model: 830 WP
  3. Action: Linear 
  4. Input Signal : 4-20mA 

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