• Forbes Marshall Desuperheater

Forbes Marshall Desuperheater

Brand: Forbes Marshall
  • Type: Variable Nozzle/ Fixed Nozzle
  • Steam Side Flange: 4" ~ 6"
  • Water Side Flange: 1" ~ 2"
  • Max. Pressure Rating: ANSI #2500
  • Turndown Ratio: 1:27 ( depending on nozzle)



  1. ​Desuperheaters are used to convert superheated steam to saturated steam through direct addition of water, so that steam can be used for sterilization processes in the palm oil mill. 
  2. Turbine Bypass and Exhaust Applications
  3. Turbine Bleed Steam, Auxiliary Steam, Process Steam, Attemerator
  4. Pressure Reducing Valve Outlet Steam Application
  5. Boiler Superheater and re-heater applications 


  1. ​Available in fixed nozzle design, minicooler deisgn or variable nozzle design.

Variable Nozzle Design

  • VND ensures a fine conical spray that evaporates almost
    instantaneously, avoiding pipe impingement.
  • For 9 nozzle head= 1: 27 turndown ratio
  • For 6 nozzle head = 1:18 turndown ratio
  • Design as per ANSI B 16.34
  • Graphite packing provided for optimal sealing with stem
  • Suitable to fit a variety of yokes. (ideal with - Forbes
    Marshall make pneumatic diaphragm actuator)
  •  Fabricated body - available in Carbon Steel / Alloy Steel /
    Stainless Steel (other materials available on request)
  •  Stem - ground, hardened and roller burnished to a fine
    finish for optimum performance
  • Ensures back-seat sealing due to fine machining and
    lapping of the seat after welding

Fixed Nozzle Design

  • ​Single nozzle Kv as low as 0.0162 m³ / hr and as high as
    1.6 m³ / hr
  • Number of nozzles limited only by pipeline diameter
  • For use on all pipe sizes 6" and above
  • Ideal for use in conjunction with water control valve and
    control system
  •  Turndown ratio upto 4:1 (depending on water quality)


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