• OKM 616 Butterfly Valve

OKM 616 Butterfly Valve

Brand: OKM
  • Model: 616
  • Nominal Size: 50-300mm
  • Body: Ductile Iron
  • Disc: SS304/SS316
  • Stem: SUS403
  • Seat Ring: EPDM, NBR
  • Flange: JIS 5K, 10K ASME/ANSI 125LB, 150LB
  • Max. Service Pressure: 10 bar
  • Max. Service Temperature: 0-120 degrees C
  • Application: Construction Equipment, High rise buildings, general industries, palm oil mill



  1. ​Regulate flow of water cooling, gases, liquid, air and fire applications.
  2. Waste water and similar services
  3. Vacuum applications
  4. Paper and pulp
  5. Heavy pressure and higher temperature application area.

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