• MEIDINGER Explosion Proof ATEX Biogas Blower

MEIDINGER Explosion Proof ATEX Biogas Blower

  • Blower Type: Centrifugal Type- Single Stage or Double Stage
  • Ex-Protection: ATEX II 2G/3G c IIA T1
  • Pressure: 300mbar
  • Flow Rate: 5000 m3/hr
  • Casing Material: Cast Iron*
  • Impeller Material: Aluminum*
  • Max. Blower Speed: 5800 RPM
  • Sealing: Shaft Seal FPM
  • Motor Installation: Direct Drive
  • Ex- Proof Motor: Ex-nA/Ex-e/ Ex-de


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  1. ​Transportation of biogas such as methane for flare tower burning or power generation. 
  2. Transportation of explosive gases or vapors, corrosive or toxic gases, hot exhaust gases and dust for food application, pharmaceutical applications and tunnel ventilation. 


  1. ​ATEX Fan for Zone 0, Zone 1, Zone 2 
  2. Explosion Proof Motor- Increased Safety, Non sparking and Pressure Resistant
  3. Flat Characteristic Curve- constant pressure level at changing volume flow, no VFD needed. 
  4. Low Noise- 10dB more silent than conventional welded impellers 
  5. Fast Startup
  6. Low Vibration, downtime and maintenance 
  7. Low Temperature Increase

* All stainless steel model available for request.

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