• SPECK Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
  • SPECK Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
  • SPECK Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

SPECK Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Brand: SPECK
  • Model: VH/ VU/ VZ
  • Material: CI/ BR/ SS
  • Sealing: Mechanical Seal
  • Vacuum: 27" Hg



Food, Beverage and Cosmetic Industries 

  1. Filling bottles with beer, mixed beverages, mineral water and other similar fluids
  2. Vacuum cutters
  3. General processes such as degasification, extraction, suction and vacuum cooking 
  4. Milking systems
  5. Curing systems
  6. Production of sugar and chocolate
  7. Production of emulsions and suspensions 

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry 

  1. ​Distilling and separation of liquids 
  2. Recovery of condensates, e.g. solvents
  3. Drying of bulk solids, e.g. washing power, fertilizers, salts, plastic granules and more.
  4. Extracttion of liquids, e.g. palm oil, soy bean oil 

Medical Engineering

  1. ​Sterilization with laboratory and clinical sterilizers 

Plastic Production and Plastics Processing

  1. ​Extruder degasification/ degassing pumps 
  2. Manufacturing of EPS molded parts 
  3. Drying of plastic granulate
  4. Decontamination in PET recycling processes 

Palm Oil

  1. ​Moisture removal from crude palm oil in the vacuum dryer.


  1. ​Double-stage, without valves, with mechanical seal.
  2. Comes with anti-cavitation valve and auto draining valve.
  3. Can be used universally for compressing practically all gases and vapors.
  4. Constant suction performance for difference applications
  5. Mechanical seal, magnetic coupling or packing gland
  6. Application-specific selection of materials like grey cast iron, stainless steel or special alloys 
  7. ATEX certified 

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