• SPECK Side Channel Pump
  • SPECK Side Channel Pump
  • SPECK Side Channel Pump

SPECK Side Channel Pump

Brand: SPECK
  • Model: ASKG
  • Series: ASKG200, ASKG320, ASKG330, ASKG400, ASKG500, ASKG650
  • Sealing: Mechanical Seal
  • Pump Speed: 1450 RPM, 1750 RPM
  • Maximum Temperature: 180 degrees C
  • Max. Pressure: 40 bar (580 psi)
  • Material: CI/ SS/ SS *
  • Application: Palm oil, boiler feed water, condensates, distillates, liquid gas, coolants, solvents


Heating and Cooling Technology

  1. ​Delivering cooling brine
  2. Filling and emptying thermal oil systems 

Energy Technology

  1. ​Delivery and circulation in closed circuits
  2. Feeding boilers in boiler systems and steam generators 
  3. Tank systems, including delivering liquid gas 
  4. Delivery of diesel in backup generators in power stations 

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry 

  1. ​Delivering aggressive, highly flammable and toxic media
  2. Recovery of condensates, e.g. solvents 


  1. ​Oil transfer pumps/ Dried oil pumps ( Palm Oil Industry) 
  2. Delivery of hot water in boiler systems
  3. Recovery of condensates ( water) 
  4. Delivery of liquid gas 
  5. Food, beverages and tobacco industry


  1. ​Design for feeding, filling and emptying operations under difficult physical conditions
  2. Suitable for the delivery of gas/ self-priming
  3. Suitable for liquids without abrasive contaminants without solid particles 
  4. Wide temperature range from -100 Celcius  up to 350 Celcius. 

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