• [NEW] VHC Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

[NEW] VHC Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Brand: SPECK
  • Model: VHC Series
  • Media: Dry and humidified gas
  • Operating Liquid: Max. 80 degrees C
  • Minimum inlet pressure: 33 mbar abs/ 5mbar abs with gas ejectors
  • Flow Rate: 110-1600 m3/h
  • Material Design: SS CI Copper Alloy
  • Sealing: Mechanical Seal/ Packing Gland/ Magnetic Drive/ Separating Can



  1. ​Two-stage pumps in base plate version with B3 standard
  2. Sound pressure level 66-79 db(A)
  3. ATEX Certified 
  4. Application-specific selection of materials like grey cast iron, stainless steel or special alloys. 


  1. ​Sterilization of surgical instruments, textiles and beds.
  2. Extruder degasification for plastics industries.
  3. Degasification of toothpaste, cremes, lotions and marzipan.
  4. Extraction of condensates for the production of sugar, sugar-based sweets, fruit juice/pulp, jam.
  5. Vacuum cooking of fruits, vegetable, pulps and mush.
  6. Thickening and crystallization of sugar under vacuum.
  7. Drying of bulk material such as washing powder, fertilizer, salts, granular polymer. 

VHC is a new liquid ring vacuum pump technology developed from the reliability of VH series and customer requirements of safety, durability and innovation.  

VHC catalog can be downloaded from resources page! 

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