• SPECK Heat Transfer Pumps
  • SPECK Heat Transfer Pumps
  • SPECK Heat Transfer Pumps

SPECK Heat Transfer Pumps

Brand: SPECK
  • Model: TOE-GN/ TOE-GA/ TOE-GI
  • Medium: Thermal Oil/ Hot Water
  • Nominal Pressure: PN 16/ EN733
  • Casing Material: Spheroidal graphite cast iron
  • ATEX: II 3G c TX
  • Max. Operating Temperature: -40~ 350 degrees C in thermal oil
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 180 degrees C in hot water
  • Maximum Head: 100 m at 2900 RPM
  • Maximum Capacity: 550 m3/h at 2900 RPM
  • Usage: For the transport and recirculation of hot water, organic or synthetic heat transfer oils in heat transfer plants according to DIN 4754. Suitable for media to be pumped with little non-abrasive contaminations.



  1. ​Tempering in plastics and die cast industry.
  2. Baking ovens, large frying units as well as in the production of edible oils and dry masses for the food and feedstock industries.
  3. Heating calenders and melting pots in leather and rubber industry.
  4. Heating stirring and mixing vessels in the production of paints and varnishes.
  5. Heating tank storage facilities on stationary and FPSE platforms as well as tankers. 
  6. Heating press lines in the wood and pulp industry.
  7. Flat glass production 
  8. Solar power stations and ORC processes. 


  1. Robust Design

    • Wear resistant SiC sleeve bearings
    • Impeller with back vanes reduce axial thrust and remove strain from mechanical seal and ball bearings​

  2. Optimized for synthetic heat transfer oil

    • Dry-run safety function for mech. seal
    • Optimized cooling of ball bearings, mech. seal and sleeve bearings.
    • Centerline mounting relieves strain from bearings and coupling 

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