• Kingsley Emergency Vent

Kingsley Emergency Vent

  • Body: SS 304, SS 316, Hastelloy-C, PTFE Lined
  • Nozzle: SS 316
  • Pallet: SS 304, SS 316, Hastelloy-C
  • Dead: The venting dead weight plate is assembled with a non-contact sealing material such as PTFE backed with soft cushion Neoprene rubber sheet
  • Guiding Rod with Nut: SS 316
  • Stopper Arm: SS 316
  • Locking Nut: SS 316
  • Stud: M.S Zinc Plated, ASTM A 193 B7/B8, A 351 CF8/CF8M


How it works: 

  1. ​Emergency vents act as a secondary relief device to ensure protection of storage systems against excess internal pressure in the event that breather valves installed are not capable of relieving the sudden rise in pressure.