• SPNC Deaerator Pump
  • SPNC Deaerator Pump

SPNC Deaerator Pump

Brand: SP PUMP
  • Model: SPNC
  • Material: CI/CI/SS*
  • Sealing: Mechanical Seal
  • Working Temperature: 120 degrees C
  • Flow Rate: 10-100m3/hr
  • Pump Head: 5-25m
  • Max. Working Pressure: 16 bar
  • Pump Speed: 1450RPM, 1750RPM



  1. ​Vacuum deaerator extraction of hot water 
  2. Basic process engineering
  3. Chemical Industry 


  1. Designed for delivery and recirculation of liquids at unfavorable suction-side conditions and liquids close to boiling point. 
  2. Suitable for liquids without abrasive contamination and without solid content. 
  3. ​Shaft sealing with mechanical seal.
  4. Volute casing in cast iron with nominal pressure PN16.
  5. Common model consists of SPNC 65-250, SPNC 80-250.

* all stainless-steel model available upon request. 

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