• SPH Self Priming Pump

SPH Self Priming Pump

Brand: SP PUMP
  • Model: SPH
  • Material: CA15/ SS304/SS316*
  • Flow rate: 10-200m3/hr
  • Head: 3-70m
  • Pump Speed: Variable Speed (50Hz or 60Hz)
  • Max. Temperature: 100 degrees C
  • Max. Working Pressure: 16 bar



  1. ​Effluent transfer
  2. Waster water treatment
  3. POME transfer 
  4. Sludge Oil
  5. General Applications 


  1. ​Designed for delivery and recirculation of mild corrosive dirty water and light slurry.
  2. Suitable for operation when the suction pipe is empty, as self priming pump is able to draw water up the suction line.  

*All stainless-steel model available upon request.

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