• SPECK Multistage Pump PN63

SPECK Multistage Pump PN63

Brand: SPECK
  • Model: ES 650
  • Material: CI / CI / SS
  • Sealing: Mechanical Seal
  • Pump Speed: 2900 RPM, 3500 RPM
  • Maximum Pressure: 63 bar
  • Bearing: The pump is led by 2 externally located bearing
  • Max. Temperature: Water 105C (Gland Packing)/ Water 120C (Mech. Seal)
  • Application: Boiler feed water pump



  1. Boiler feed water pump
  2. Delivery of hot water in boiler systems
  3. Water supply nits 
  4. Sprinkler units 
  5. Cleaning stations
  6. Recovering of condensates (water)
  7. Extracting palm oil

ES 650: ES 6506, ES 6507, ES 6508, ES 6509, ES 6510


  1. ​Horizontal, multistage, single-entry centrifugal pumps with radial impellers in modular design with radial inlet and radial outlet. 
  2. Mechanical seals are in accordance with EN 12756 and are in SiC, carbon and FKM design.
  3. The rotating direction of motor is clockwise seen from the motor drive to the pump. 
  4. Maximum temperature: 
  • Water 120 degrees C (Mechanical Seal) 

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